UPDATE: OCT 2013: SlushPuppy has been sold. Limousine page has been added.

NEW STUFF!!!! MAY 2009: I have added a TBI page above. It chronicles my purchasing and modification of a Howell EFI TBI system.

UPDATE: OCTOBER 2007: The Big Scary Jeep has been sold. I will keep these pages up, however, for tech reference, plus, I like the domain name. :-)

You will now start to see more and more Full Size Jeep (FSJ) and Grand Wagoneer related material posted.

Welcome to Ethan Brady's home of all sorts of Full Size Jeep trivia, information and things to pass the time when the boss isn't looking.

The story behind the domain name:

In the fall of 2002, I brought home a 1967 M-715. I saw this truck in action a few years before and when it came up for sale, I decided that I had to have it. Our dog has always loved chasing cars as they drive past the yard, but there was something about the 715! I don't know if it was the green color or the rattling troop seats, but when I would start it up, he'd run inside. The poor dog didn't even want to be in the yard when I was around that Jeep. The big Jeep was just too scary for him.  Thus, the name was born. Almost as a joke, my wife registered the domain, and here we all are at


If you don't know what an M-715 is, well, imagine a J series pickup truck on steroids. A lot of steroids. Now, give it a weird wheel bolt pattern so nothing interchanges with it. Add a custom pickup box, carve out the front fenders and make the thing run on a military 24 volt system. Oh, don't forget the PTO winch options and make sure it has a flat windshield. Now you've got an M-715.

Things look a little different around here, but I’ve tried to include all the original content. Poke around and enjoy. See you on the IFSJA boards or on the CFSJA list!